Municipal Authority

The Howe Township Municipal Authority has the responsibility to find solutions to the community’s sewer and water needs. The Authority assists in planning for and, when feasible, obtaining financing for the acquisition or construction of public water and sewer systems to be leased to the Township and operated by the Authority.

The Municipal Authority consist of 5 Members who serve 5-year terms and meets on the third Monday of each month at 5:30 in the Municipal Building, 80 Red Hill Rd. Newport, PA as needed.

Howe Township Municipal Authority

Frank Campbell, Chairman
300 N. 4th Street
Newport, PA 17074

Randy Kessler, Vice-Chairman & Assistant Treasurer
380 Juniata Parkway East
Newport, PA 17074

Charles Burd, Secretary
62 W. Shortcut Rd
Newport, PA 17074


Keith Sheaffer, Treasurer
3 Cramer Court
Newport, PA 17074